The Origin of TRUST VETS

Melissa & Joe Johnson

Melissa & Joe Johnson

In late 2012, my wife Melissa and I were watching television. There was a show on about a man opening a new restaurant who said his goal was to hire as many Veterans as he could. I leaned over, nudged Melissa and said, “What if we ALL did that? What if everyone started doing more business with Veterans? If people could choose between doing business with a random stranger or an American Military Veteran, they would choose the Veteran every single time.”

I was up most of that night writing pages of notes to help bring this idea to life. Since that night, my entire professional focus has been on building TRUST VETS. With no money, I set out and bartered with a printer for some flyers and business cards to start the company. He was a Veteran and happy to help. From there, I met with a Realtor who served the Marine Corps. He was excited to connect with fellow Veterans and became our first paying member on the spot.

I spent the next 6 months promoting the mission. No network, no website, no meetings; just the idea of uniting Veterans for success was enough for people to start buying in and spreading the word. For the first year, I worked alone and created the first round of membership and meetings. Today, we serve Veterans in multiple states and host monthly networking meetings in multiple cities. We’ve built a comprehensive Online Directory of Veterans who serve our community as painters, plumbers, bankers, dentists and more. We've created hundreds of success stories, partnered with the BBB and have witnessed Veterans of all ages coming together to connect, collaborate and succeed.

I’m proud to say, it is working. TRUST VETS is uniting Veterans and empowering them to continue serving our communities here at home. When you see the pride in their eyes, I promise you will understand how important it is to bring this to Veterans across the country.

What we’re asking is simple.

Join us in doing business with American Military Veterans.

TRUST VETS. They've earned it.

-Joe Johnson, Founder



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